FlexCal Ball-Bearing Inspection System

FlexCal is a system designed for a very flexible and accurate inspection of 2D forms/profiles. It has been successfully applied to Ball-Bearing inspection, measuring geometric attributes of raceways (position, radius, ..), form profile, and geometric relationships.

FlexCal is a rugged while accurate 2D CMM, designed for very high accuracy and repeatability. The CMM structure is based on a moving table and horizontal arm. The system
supports any standard Renishaw trigger probe and specialized scanning probe.

FlexCal may be adopted both in technologic centres for measuring prototypes, and in production environment for controlling the manufacturing process. The inspection cycle can be
easily programmed as required by the specific part; the programming is very flexible, exploiting the universal functions of Tangram, Itaca’s geometric software for CMMs.

A customized layer, acting as Front-End, hides any interaction with the engine that executes the Part-Program. It is addressed to optimise the man-machine communication, allowing the cycle to be executed just by pressing a push button.

FlexCal can recognize the part by touch and feel of part features and execute automatically the program specific to the part recognized. At program completion, FlexCal shows the inspection results and any characteristics evaluated, both in numeric and striking graphic


Strokes: 150 x 150 mm
Resolution: 0.1 μ
Points/Sec: 3.5
Accuracy: 1 + L/150 (with TP20)
Repeatability: 0.7 μ (with TP20)
Load: < 6 Kg