Case Study -Laser

Focus: Laser Housing

Challenge: Optical mounting assemblies present a unique measurement challenge. The optical assembly contains many facets and features that are not possible to measure on a
CMM in a single setup.

The Multisensor Advantage: OGP® SmartScope® Flash™ CNC 200 combines the measurement range, sensors and accuracy needed to accurately measure a part as complex as the optical mounting assembly, in just one routine.

Optical, laser and tactile sensors are used to measure atness, bore diameters and angles. For example, optics are used to measure edges, grooves and small features while surface proles and atness are measured with the integral TTL laser. For features not accessible to video or laser, a touch probe provides the perfect access. OGP MeasureMind® 3D software keeps all sensors simultaneously calibrated allowing them to be applied in a single routine.

The Result: The SmartScope Flash CNC 200 with MeasureMind 3D software was able to measure all critical dimensions in a single setup, reducing overall inspection time, cost and
measurement uncertainty.